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Exclusive Florida Real Estate Agent Referral Brokerage

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If you have a Florida Real Estate License and do not have time to work the business, then this is an exceptional way to still make money!  It is as simple as 1, 2, 3 …

Real Estate Agent Referrals

RealtyParc agent refers their buyers and sellers to the Broker, who will provide the best services to secure a sale.

Real Estate Referral Brokerage

Through RealtyParc your clients are managed by the Broker, who will provide the appropriate real estate services. The Broker covers the expenses to list and market the sellers’ listings, and tour the buyers and guide them through the purchase of their new home.

Real Estate Referral Commissions

Upon closing each transaction, the Broker will pay the referring real estate agent 25% of the net commission.

No Realtor® Association Fees

No MLS Fees

No Experience Necessary

Just hand us your leads and relax, we'll do the rest.

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  • You refer your friend Harry

  • He buys a $300,000 home

  • Broker receives $9,000 commission at closing.

  • You as the referring agent receive $2,250.

  • Sweet!! 🙂

Florida Real Estate Referral

Florida Real Estate Referral Brokerage

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